ICT Center




Service Name: ICT Center

Location: Said Jamal Uddin (Kunar) University

Donor: World Bank-HEDP

Year of Establishment: 2018



An ICT center established under HEDP cooperation, consists of an IT Lab, workspace for ICT technical staff, training room, stock room and server room. The university buildings are fully networked and internet is accessible everywhere through the campus.


The main objective of an ICT center is to:

  • Provide quality technology services to the university to achieve academic excellence.
  • Provide innovative ICT solutions for modernize teaching, learning and research among universities.

The design and establishment of ICT infrastructure follows a standard performance scorecard developed by World Bank and MoHE. Scorecard has Specific Indicators and Ratios to meet the need of faculties within individual universities.


Facilities available in ICT center:

  • Equipped IT Lab including 94 PCs responsive to the need of university in consideration of number of students.
  • Equipped Training Room
  • Campus network
  • Access to Internet and Wifi facilities
  • Server Room
  • Staff Room
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IT Manager: Rafiullah Abid